AF Supply and Demand Review

Have you ever wondered how normal people make thousands of dollars trading online using robots and systems?


In this AF Supply and Demand Review I will break down EXACTLY how the robot works and how you can use it to:

  1. Pass Prop Firm Challenges
  2. Trade Funded Accounts
  3. Trade Live Personal Accounts very EASILY!

In the past few years, trading has been made a lot easier with sophisticated trading systems that has a Programmer/Scientist/Mathematician behind the trading code.

They create unique trading logic that produces an algorithm to recognize trading patterns and trends within the markets and have them trade them Extremely well!


A clear example of this is James Simons with a Net Worth $30,700,000,000.00 and has been producing 66 Percent per a year from 1980/90’s using Robots, Systems and Algorithms.


Is this the case with all robots? No!

Why? For a Very Simple reason that people who program robots to trade for you are usually full of sh*t and have no idea how the markets work or fail to adapt their robot to current market changes and they end up failing.

AF Supply and Demand Reviews + 1300 Customer Feedback:

I originally met Ewan (Developer) on and got chatting through there. After reading his 1300 100% Positive Feedback I knew that many of his customers couldn’t be wrong so I took the plunge and bought AF Supply and Demand 2.0 and never looked back!

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What Makes AF Supply and Demand 2.0 Different and How do they work? I wont get into everything in this AF Supply and Demand review but Trading robots in general work using complex trading strategies hard coded into MQL5 programming language or another language if trading on a different platform. A computer with a graph on it Description automatically generated

AF Supply and Demand 2.0 uses a Hybrid Solution which combines Technical and Fundamental analysis before taking on any trade in the markets.

There is nothing in the world like this robot which trades from a complete different technology and backed not only by Computer Data Scientists but… a trader with over 11 years of Equities and Forex trading experience.

AF Supply And Demand 2.0 Robot is set to revolutionize the trading industry by storm with its simple and low-risk high reward supply and demand trading strategies and Trading Packs which have been specifically built for traders who like trading different assets and use different risk tolerance models.

Have you read enough of this AF Supply and Demand Review and want to see it in action?