All-in-one solutions for your trading business. 


Trade Management Service

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Unlimited Signals

Up to 50 – 100 Signals sent Per a Day Across ALL Timeframes from 1 Minute to Monthly

The Trend Is Your Friend

A robust trend recognition system built into MSP™ giving market direction and where participants are trading.

Precise Trading Entries

Predefined Support and Resistance with 6 custom trading signals which will give you key information of where the market is likely to reverse or explode!

Price: £397

My Robot Collection


My sophisticated robots allow you to seamlessly upload robots on to your trading platform to buy and sell the forex markets on autopilot!

No Emotions

Trading can be extremely rewarding when it goes right but how do you cope when things go bad? Using a robot completely eliminates any human error and automatically makes trading decisions with zero emotions involved.

Risk Management

Risk Management has to be one of the most important factors when trading! My robots come with inbuilt risk parameters to help prevent unwanted drawdowns which are capped at 1-4% and all parameters are adjustable to the traders tolerance for risk and profits.

Prices From £97
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MSP™ Hybrid Bundles

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Learn and Earn

My Hybrid Trading Bundles have been developed to help traders and investors learn my Exact strategy used to extract thousands of pips from the trading markets. Each module has been structured to give New and Veteran traders a Huge Trading Edge!


You will also receive 3 of my Best Performing Robots which you will be guided to use in stages as you profits increase.

Multiple Streams of Income

On top of learning and earning from the course and having 1 of 3 robots making you money on autopilot. You will also benefit from Unlimited MSP signals which you can take whenever you want.

Prices From £497

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