Is Your PC Slow or Struggling To Multitask When Trading?

Then a Simple VPS Might Be The Solution For You!

High Performance VPS Benefits

Location and Speed of Buy and Sell Trades

When using high frequency trading robots you need to be as close to your broker as possible to get your orders executed on time… Having a VPS puts you even closer to your broker so you dont have the risk of missing trades due to your platform location.

Never Stops Working

We can understand that everybody cannot keep their computer on 24/5 so having a VPS Eliminates that as it gives you access to your 2nd PC so you can run additional software sush as Metatrader, Games and other Applications without having to use your personal computers.

Macbook Traders

Sometimes trying to run Windows compiled software with Mac’s doesn’t always work. So having access to a Windows based PC at the same time gives you the Best of both worlds! PLUS If you do  not have access to a PC don’t worry as you can log into your VPS directly through your Mobile phone too!

Pricing Choose Your Best Plan

The aim is to let your Profits eventually Pay for the VPS!

Good for Traders who only run One Robot.

Max Robots: 1
*One Time VPS Set-Up Fee: $6.80
Monthly Cost $25.60
*One Time VPS Setup Fee: This fee will only have to be paid once to the VPS Provider for the initial setup of your VPS System.

For Traders who want multiple streams of Income using Three Robots

Max Robots: 3
*One Time VPS Set-Up Fee: $6.80
Monthly Cost $52

Perfect for Traders who run multiple accounts with different Robots

Max Robots: 7+
*One Time VPS Set-Up Fee: $6.80
Monthly Cost $98

Specs Whats Specs To Pick

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