Copy of Copy of Msp 1.0

Unlimited Timeframes + Unlimited Signals

Identify potential trade opportunities with integrated Price Action buttons directly off the MVXL Scanner dashboard.

  • 1-5 Pair/Asset Watchlist
  • Up to 50 Signals Per Day Across ALL Timeframes from 1 Minute to Monthly
  • Major and Minor Trend Recognition from 1 Minute to Monthly Timeframes
  • Preloaded Charts with Support and Resistance For ALL Timeframes
  • 6 Unique Indicator and Price Action Signals
  • Unlimited Signals across ALL Timeframes
  • Chart Screenshot Feature: Never miss a moment
  • Open ALL Charts at Once Feature
  • Preloaded with CMC Customised 20SMA + 200SMA Indicators
  • Dozens of Clickable Buttons directly off the Dashboard
Copy of Copy of Copy of Msp 1.0



What is it?


  • Get Products and Services Ready For Resell and Staff Provided
  • Get Full Business Support and On Going Training Provided
  • Branding Design, Website and Analytics Included
  • Potential to Earn £10k-£30k Plus Per month
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At CMC We Believe Continuous Education Is Key To a Traders Learning Skills and Development Mindset! We Dont Just Want To Sell You A System But Educate You Too!


Latest Trading Robots At Your Fingertips

We offer only Best Trading Robots. Successful Forex trading is good Money Management + Psychology. Our Robots have been carefully chosen based on their mathematical formulas, smart programming to track the market and probability’s of win and loss calculations to minimize the risks. 

Warren Buffet Never Depend On a Single Income. Make An Investment To Create a Second Source



Any Broker Ready!

With ConnectmyCurrency you can always be sure that we have an EA/Indicator for your broker! As 98.5% of our robots will work directly with your broker platform.

Just Simple Plug n Play!

But for Specialised Brokers with High Speed and Executions Hit The Link Below!

Automatic Trading FEAR Remover

This The Number One Reason That Stops 99% Of Traders Dead In Their Tracks Is FEAR! Having an Automated Robot That Trades For You Removes Any Emotion Including FEAR, HESITATION and DOUBT.

Testimonials What Our Clients Say

  • My busy schedule leaves little, if any, time for trading or even analysis The MSP Software has been a huge part of helping me grow my trading account. 

    Jay Barnett
  • CMCs robots have increased my trading account. I’m very happy with the results at the moment.

  • They are very Professional, and incredibly quick to respond to any query I had. Look forward to seeing more Tradestation indicators.

    Brett Mason
    Head Office Customer Service,
  • I was skeptical of all Trading Expert advisors initially but as life went on I was left with very little time to trade having access to the reviews of the experts made my buying and trading decisions ALOT! Easier. Thanks again 😉

    David Walsh
    Pimlico Plumbers
  • Robots they have is top-notch and to top it off I received 5-star treatment from the team over at CMC especially having a trading coach that holds me accountable is a brilliant idea otherwise i’d be lost.
    Howard Stanley
    Kwik Fit
  • As a complete newbie and a student I’ve learnt soooo much about trading as the training is 1st class and having the robots makes trading a breeze  it’s been an exhilarating experience so far I definitely recommend CMC.

    Louise Garner
    HOBB Salon


EA’s, Indicators and Trading Systems

Simply Plug n Play With Full Installation Done For You!


Mobile Convenience 

We All Lead Busy Life’s Whether That’s Going To Work, Popping Out To The Shops or Taking The Kids To Football You Can Rest Assured That Your Just a Click Away From The Market Action Where You Can Monitor Your Positions LIVE From Your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop!

Customise Everything

With Intuitive MT4 Trading Platform It Easily Places You In The Traders Driving Seat As You Can Customise Your Stop Loss (Risk Protection) and Take Profit Zones and Leave The Robot To Automatically Follow Your Rules!

setting configuration

Exclusive Features


Did you know that 85% of Institutional Trading volume is done electronically? Having a robot do most of the hard work for you is key when it comes to trading as it removes the emotions such as fear that comes with the territory.


In the busy world we live in today having everything on autopilot is so important. Have you ever signed up for a signal service and found that life got so busy that you never had time to take them? Having a robot on complete autopilot allows you to trade whilst you do other things that matter.

Portfolio and Backtests

Every robot that is offered by ConnectmyCurrency has been completely backtested through years of historical data, ensuring that you that the robot will trade safely minimising your risk whilst growing your reward potential.


Robot Updates are mandatory when it comes to Robot trading if you would like to continue to run your robot smoothly with zero interruptions. New platform builds are coming out all the time its very important to have the latest robot!

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Build and Development Have Your Trading Ideas Built Into A Robot!

Got a Winning Strategy you want automated?

Let us help build it out for you as we have an award winning programming team who will build your Idea into a robot or Indicator with ease!

Streamline your data as we have the tools and an advanced software, packed with the latest technology to provide you a fast and interactive system/robot/indicator built across multiple platforms.

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