Getting Started 

All-in-one solutions for your New Shiny Robot! 

Simple as 1, 2, 3, 4…

1 – VPS Software Integration

Getting your new robot automated as running online 24/5 is essential. Using a VPS helps you do just that!

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2 – Brokers Optimised For Automated Trading 

Selecting the right broker is the Most Important aspects of automated trading! We measure things like Platform Speed to Order Execution if this isn’t right ultimately your new robot will fail!

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3 – Book Your Installation

Book your 2in1 VPS and Robot installation with one of our highly trained trading experts today! They will guide and sit side by side with you as you Explore your New Robots Features.

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4 – CMC ALGO TV Channel

Tune into our CMC Algo TV Where you’ll find our Latest and Hottest Robot reviews, Backtests and Optimisation Videos. 

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