Ecap sales letter





You could be New or an Experienced Trader Struggling with Strategic Technical and Fundamental analysis!

Making a few simple trading Mistakes can be DEADLY to your trading account if you do not have the right Tools and Guidance!

Use and Benefit from My 10 Year Market Experience To BOOST Your Gains!




Use My Signals To Profit and Pass Prop Challenges or trade your own account.

Tired of jumping from strategy to strategy but not getting the Results you want?

Use my Revolutionary Trading System to Start Making Profits The Right Way!

BOOST your trading with my State of The Art Tools and Trading Software

I Love Seeing My Traders Win!

So not only will you get 71% Winning Trading Signals as a Member you also get Access to my suite Trading Software and Tools!



On Top of All That! You have Direct Access To Your Own PRO Trading Coach!

Who will guide you through each trading setup from start to finish! You will never be alone!


Here are some questions I get asked the most!

What the win rate of your Trades and How much profit can i make?

You can benefit from a 71% Win Rate with my trades and you should expect to generate 25% plus per a month!

What is the Drawdown of Your trades?

On a Trade by trade basis its only 0.2% to 4% at any given time.

How much do i need to start?

You should ideally start with £1000 but you can get started with as little as £250

Can i have a free trial?

This isn’t something I currently offer but maybe I’ll do something like this in the future but… I do offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

when do you send the signals out?

This process can be anytime but you will have up to 1 hour to take them providing its a swing trade that is sent out.

what broker can i use?

You can get started with any broker but I highly recommend using my Best Broker I’ve used for years.

Whats the Price of your Signals?

Its only £97 per a month and this should be looked at as a Business expense as your trades per a month will cover these costs very easily!

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes if you have taken the jump and decided to get my signals I offer a 30 Money Back Guarantee so you have complete peace of mind.

Does every trade come with a stop loss and take profit?

Yes! I make sure every trade I take and give have Pre defined Take Profit and Stop Loss Parameters.

What strategy do you use?

This is my secret sauce 😉 but Sign Up today and your Trading Coach will discuss any questions you may have.

i don’t know if i will have enough time

You only need 10-15 minutes per a week to take my Trades som will be Buy and Sell Limits and some Trades will be Instant. But discuss More with your Trading Coach to see what works for you!

Didn’t find your answer?

My heroic PA can help you. We will correspond within 10 Minutes!