Return Policy for Management Services / Products /AFSD Connect


This Proprietary Trading Service will be provided to you exclusively by Ewan Forrester and its a Service from me to you and therefore there are no Refunds or Reimbursements of any kind, as I wouldn’t expect anyone to work for me for Free.

How does it work?

I trade a simple strategy that tracks and trades institutional footprints that allows you to 10X your account within a few short trades. However, for me to do this I need Precise Market Timing, Volatility and Very High Probability Setups.

Why 95% of traders fail Prop Challenges? 

  1. They don’t have or acknowledge Market timing and trade whenever or wherever.
  2. Their Stop Losses are set way to tight.
  3. They develop a steady pace at the beginning of the challenge and then rush the end and breach the account.
  4. They simply don’t understand the Drawdown Rules.
  5. They don’t follow their strategy or consequently end up breaking their rules and breaching the account.

I’m the complete opposite to the above, but a lot of discipline and patience is required by both parties so life changing money can actually be made.

Your Prop Account Requirements: 

Currency: USD/GBP

Risk Mode: Normal (Not aggressive)

Account Type: Swing or Position Account (Please do not Get Normal Account) as this goes against my strategy!)

Leverage: 1:30 Only!

Platform: MetaTrader 4 Only!


These are my simple terms when supplying your account to me. Please make sure to double check all the details, so they match the Your Account Requirements above. As I cannot see what you have submitted to the Prop Firm.

Failure to do so could potentially over leverage your account and blow it with the wrong lot size being used.

For example: When I’m using a Master Account with 1:30 leverage and you submit an Account to me with 1:100, I cannot see that information until a trade is placed and let’s say I open a 1 Lot Position on Gold with a 1:30 Leverage account the Position size will triple with a 1:100 leverage account and this I turn will triple your trading exposure and will break the Daily Drawdown rules.

My Strategy and Timing:

If 3 months elapse and the profit on the account isn’t more or equal to the original account balance price you originally paid there will be no charge for the following quarter.


Most Prop Firms allow extensions on your account providing that no rules were breached. So if I need an extension I’ll let you know a day before it’s due, so I can get the new account details.

And lastly

Please adhere to the House Rules that will be sent or made as a download for you to keep and refrain from messaging me regarding the account status which can be checked from your conveniently from your MT4 platform.

I’m at my Trading Desk 6AM to 21:00GMT Mon-Fri so rest assured everything is being monitored.

Trading Prop Accounts is incredibly hard and stressful very much the opposite to trading a Normal account as there are Timing Rules, Drawdown Rules and also having to trade at specific times of market volatility. I expect most of you to understand, but occasionally I have to voice this to a few individuals who might be New to trading.

Any additional questions regarding Management get in touch on Telegram @ewancmc